Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lesson Plan: Sewing Tools and Equipments


I.                   OBJECTIVES
Within the discussion, the students with 70 % accuracy are expected to:
1.     Identify sewing tools and equipment
2.     Classify them according to their use and function
3.     Use of sewing tools and equipment properly

II.                  SUBJECT MATTER
A.    TOPIC :  Sewing tools and equipment
B.     CONCEPT :
D.    VALUES :  Creativity and Originality


1.      Realias           
2.     Strips of paper  (names of sewing tools and equipment)
3.     Strips of paper  ( according to use and function)
4.     Tape
5.     Long tale

1.     Preparation
The teacher spread randomly the sewing tools and equipment in the long table. He / she put the strips of paper(names of sewing tools and equipment) in the right side of the table, and also put the strips of paper( use and function) on the left side of the table.
2.     Introduction:
The teacher call randomly the name of the students to go to the long table and asks these questions:

Teacher’s Questions/Activities
Students’ Response/Activities
1.     What is the name of this tool?
2.     What is the function of this?
1.     Tape measure
2.     Is used in taking body measurements, drafting, laying.

            3.     DISCUSSION PROPER :
            The teacher let the students go one by one towards the long table and 
            get one tool or equipment and put it on another empty table and put the 
            name and its use and function in every side.

The teacher discusses about the classification of the sewing tools and equipment
Sewing Tools and Equipment
1.     Measuring tools
2.     Cutting tools
3.     Drafting tools
4.     Marking tools
5.     Pressing tools
6.     Sewing gadgets
7.     Sewing equipment

            4.     CULMINATION:

Teacher’s Questions/Activities
Students’ Responses/Activities

1.     Why is it important to know the classification of the sewing tools and equipment?
2.     What is the advantage of knowing the functions of the different sewing tools and equipment?
1.     To be able to classify them accordingly from other sewing tools and equipment.

2.     To be able to use it according to its  use and function

V.                EVALUATION
Instruction: encircle the word that does not belong in the given set.

1.     Tape measure, ruler, tailor’s chalk, hem marker
2.     Sewing shears, scissors, seam ripper, pencils and pens
3.     Needle, pin, pin cushion, ironing board
4.     L-square or tailor square, hip curve, French curve, steam iron
5.     Steam iron, tailor’s ham, ironing board, needle
VI.              ASSIGNMENT :
In a whole size bond paper draw a sewing machine and label each parts.

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